Ready, Set, Mentor!

We create resources that help adults understand the subject matter and methods taught in public schools so that children can receive better community assistance with daily homework and test preparation from ordinary adults.

We are finally an official 501(c)3.

Please help us raise the funds for our first workshop.


Classroom rental fees         ($150 x 13)          $1,950

Certified Teacher salaries   ($100 x 13)            $1,300

Administrative salary           ($35 x 60 hrs)      $2,100

Janitorial fee                          ($100 x 1)             $100

Printing & Reporting            (.12/copy)             $312

                                                TOTAL COST  $5,762

*All adults are welcome to come for FREE (but they must register).

*All adults will be invited to support A*R*E*A financially at the workshops.

*Refreshments will be served for donations.

*Booths can be reserved by Sponsors.